What are Managed eCommerce Services?

Before we go into what our Managed Web Services are it is important to take a moment and understand exactly what we mean by “Managed Web Services”. Simply put, it means we manage the process from the beginning to the end just as if you had a dedicated onsite web designer, programmer, system engineer, marketing specialist, graphic designer, security expert, Business Continuity & Resiliency Manager and an experienced eCommerce project manager to guarantee that everything is happening as it should and provide you with updates. This includes planning, execution, testing, regression (if needed), ongoing monitoring and emergency troubleshooting. Managed Web Services saves you time, money and allows you to focus on growing your business.

How do I get Started?

Getting started with our Managed eCommerce suite is a simple two step process:

Step 1

Submit our Quick Start questionnaire and a PropelMWS account manager will contact you to discuss how we can help meet your website needs.

Then shortly after,

Step 2

A PropelMWS Managed eCommerce Service Agreement & SLA will be created based on your needs determined by the electronic questionnaire and phone consultation. Your customized eCommerce package will manage the necessary tasks required to keep your eCommerce website running smoothly and safely while improving your corporate image, increasing customer satisfaction and maximizing sales opportunities on a monthly basis. If your eCommerce needs change then the Managed eCommerce service plan can easily be adjusted to suit your current needs. Insuring you only pay for what you need!

*The PropelMWS managed web services team will automatically complete tasks on a predefined schedule and provides emergency support when needed. An overview and detailed report is generated each month to show our progress on projects and tasks completed. Our managed eCommerce suite is specifically designed to be a simple and affordable way for small to mid-sized businesses to manage and “Grow” their online business.

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Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Our “pay as you grow” pricing model converts fixed IT costs into variable costs and allows you to budget effectively. In other words, only pay for what you use when you need it.

Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Small Businesses have limited resources and time. PropelMWS helps you stay focused on growing your core business and not get distracted by complex web application problems, configuration & maintenance.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Is your software up to date? Audit your servers? Minimize the risks associated with maintaining client data, credit card numbers, sensitive competitive information and more.