Why monitor eCommerce websites and web applications?

How do you know when your eCommerce website is not working properly? How do you know when your web pages are loading very slowly and potential customers are abandoning your website or shopping cart? The simple answer is that if you do not have website and web application monitoring, then you do not know. A website that is frequently inaccessible is guaranteed to reduce your sales and customer loyalty.

PropelMWS monitors your website 365 days a year for availability and performance to identify any problems as soon as they happen and sometimes BEFORE they happen using our advanced monitoring and trend analysis. Experience the benefits of a fully managed eCommerce monitoring company. The web has gone 2.0, but you are still using basic website monitoring, OR WORSE, not monitoring your site at all! Both are a problem, but we have the managed solution to ensure your website is available and responsive to process your customers sales.

Traditional Website Monitoring

Your website is down. Your monitoring company sends you emails telling you that your website is down. Now what? The information that your website is down is “Helpful” but it is not “Useful”. There is a VERY important difference. If you are away from a computer then there is nothing you can do, but lose sales until you have access to a computer. Once you access a computer, you type in your company website and confirm your website is indeed down. At this point, the automated notification from your current monitoring company is no longer useful or helpful because now, the new question is what are you going to do? Probably contact your web host, followed by your web designer or programmer if the web host is of little or no assistance.

FACT: Less than 10% of eCommerce website owners have a contract or “agreement” with their web designer or programmer that allows them to call anytime there is a problem and have them instantly attempt to fix it. Successful eCommerce companies have an official agreement with a programmer or web designer to handle emergency error/fix situations. PropelMWS can provide these services and much more.

So what does that mean to you? It means that if your site is down for any technical reason other than “your web hosting service is down and you are waiting for it to come back up”, then it will take time (loss ofsales and reputation) to gather the resources (web designer/programmer) to (1) determine the problem and (2) fix the problem to get your eCommerce site back online and servicing your customers.

The PropelMWS Managed Monitoring Advantage:

The PropelMWS managed eCommerce monitoring service works very different than a traditional website monitoring service provider. continuously monitors your website’s eCommerce components to ensure they functioning properly and available to process orders. When we receive notification that your website is down, or response time is increasing, a Live technician opens an investigation and begins to analyze your website to determine the problem. We proactively contact your web host and ask the technical questions needed to understand why your eCommerce website is down.

When you receive an update from our monitoring team, shortly after an outage is confirmed, it will read similar to the following:

Typical PropelMWS Response down-time notification: “Your website became unavailable at 3:04pm. During our investigation, we contacted your hosting company and determined your website is down because of a failed drive on that server that hosts your website. The drive is being restored now and they expect your website to be back online in approximately 30 minutes. We will update you when your website is back online or when updated information is available.”

Depending on the unique situation we may have serveral different updates when we contact you, but we promise that all of our updates will be “helpful” and “useful” not just “Your website is down” with no solutions or insight to the most important question every eCommerce website owner has when their website goes down… “How do I get my website back working”? PropelMWS answers that question for you. Depending on your level of service with us we can also fix your web design or web application code if your website has broken for various reasons such as; your web host upgrading software on the server, a web hacking attack against your website and other content/coding errors. We are your Fully Managed eCommerce solution provider!

Trend Monitoring

As with many things in life, websites and web applications sometimes display signs of stress before they break. All of our eCommerce monitoring packages include our trend monitoring service that proactively looks for these problems before they turn into bigger problems. We monitor and analyze your websites response times at various points during the day to see if your website has any problems that could be giving customers poor performance (even though your website remains up). If a website is slow or unresponsive, customers will leave and some of them will not come back. Do not lose customers to your competition because of poor website performance! Our weekly analysis will alert you of any potential problems and also recommend solutions.

Transaction monitoring

We offer services to simulate transactions on your website such as a customer making a purchase or a customer logging into a control panel. This monitoring is performed in 5 minute intervals to ensure your web applications are accessible. Your website may be view-able, but a service that powers your web application may be down and therefore your web application is not functioning correctly. Quickly locate unexpected outages and trust our monitoring service to be certain you know if there is a problem before your customers are affected.


PropelMWS provides an advanced, fully managed, web monitoring service that protects your online business from costly downtime. First, let us acknowledge that we are not the cheapest website monitoring company on the internet. If “cheapest” is what you are looking for, then PropelMWS is definitely service to monitor your eCommerce business. If you want an advanced, fully managed, eCommerce web monitoring solution that provides answers instead of more questions, then read on. Our pricing varies depending on your unique needs and required services.




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  • Basic Monitors (HTTP, HTTPS, ports)
  • Email Alerts
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  • Basic Monitors (HTTP, HTTPS, ports)
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